Kathleen Willcox Williams

Kathleen Willcox Williams

Attorney at Law

Court of Appeals Reverses Denial of Motion to Suppress on Marijuana Informant Case

In an opinion released January 25, 2013, the Georgia Court of Appeals has reveresed the denial of a motion to suppress, which is a motion which asks the trial court to throw out evidence, in a case where a search warrant was obtained based on information from an anonymous informant. 

What does this mean to your criminal charges?  Once again, the appellate courts in Georgia are telling us that they will follow the law.  It means that police officers have to bring good, solid information when they apply for search warrants.  It means that you should have a serious conversation with your lawyer about whether a motion to suppress evidence should be filed in your case, and it means you have another example of why an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to the defense of criminal case. 

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