Kathleen Willcox Williams

Kathleen Willcox Williams

Attorney at Law

Felony Drug Charges Dismissed When Officers Lied at Suppression Hearing

This week the Amercian Bar Association reported on a situation that is unfortunately not as rare or surprising as one would like to think in suburban Chicago: five, yes FIVE, police officers were caught lying on the witness stand at a motion to suppress hearing in connection with a felony drug arrest.  Several "take away" items occur to me based on this story:

  • Do some police officers lie to judges and in court?  YES.  
  • Do some police officers tell a uniform, preconcocted version of what happened when they testify in court?  YES.
  • Do some police officers know what the law requires of them, choose to do things in a different way, and then lie to say they did what the law requires?  YES. 
  • Can video of what actually happened when a person encounters the police be powerful evidence?  YES. 
  • Is it important to prepare for hearings by gathering evidence and reviewing that evidence (like the video on this case)?  YES. 

An experienced criminal defense lawyer is truly your best bet if you have been charged with a crime.  While it is rare to actively catch FIVE police officers lying in open court because they were too ill-prepared to have watched the video of the incident, it DOES HAPPEN.  

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