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Kathleen Willcox Williams

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Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Dismissal of Savannah Murder and Kidnapping Charges

On Monday, February 4, 2013 the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Chatham County Superior Court's decision to dismiss the charges against the accused in a case involing the alleged kidnapping and murder of a twelve year old girl in 2003.  In dismissing all charges, the Georgia Supreme Court found no abuse of discretion, the standard of review on this appeal, in the Chatham County Superior Court's ruling that the fifty-three month delay in this case unconstitutionally denied the defendant's right to a speedy trial.  For more information on this couragous ruling, see the Savannah Morning News.

What does this mean to your criminal case?  It means that the Courts have told us yet again, recently, that they will follow the law, even where the stakes are high.  It means that unreasonable delays still will not be tolerated.  It means that you have one more example of why good criminal defense counsel is essential to the defense of a criminal case,  It also means that you should have a serious conversation with your lawyer about whether you should file a speedy trial demand in your case; if you do not assert speedy trial rights, you lose the benefit of them, but asserting them may be a fast ticket to a trial and put the breaks on all negotiation. 

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