Kathleen Willcox Williams

Kathleen Willcox Williams

Attorney at Law

Why YOU Should Retain An Attorney on Your Work Injury Case

Fact: Your work injury has changed you life in ways you never imagined. 

Fact: Workers compensation insurance companies have a duty to provide specified benefits to employees injured on the job.

Fact: Insurance companies are corporations, with duties to their shareholders.

There comes a point in nearly every workers compensation case where these three facts come into tension with each other.  I hear it all the time: "Why hire a lawyer, everything's going so well?"  I can understand the feeling.  At the beginning of many cases, the insurance adjuster dealing with an injured worker can feel like an ally.  There can be a complicity between an injured worker and the adjuster, to the point where some people who were injured at work worry about upsetting the adjuster or negatively impacting their benefits if the person who was injured brings in an attorney.  Some lay people view the act of hiring attorney as an adversarial move by itself. 

Let me let you in on a little secret: the friendliest, best-intentioned insurance adjuster out there still has a job to do, and at some point, it usually involves limiting the workers compensation company's exposure on your case.  This means taking steps, sometimes gradually and sometimes drastically, to cut down on what your case costs the company. 

Workers compensation law is a very technical, specific area of law that many attorneys do not even practice, because of the detailed rules.  It is not surprising that most people who have been hurt on the job do not know the ins and outs of the law.  It is also not surprising that the insurance adjuster, however well intentioned, nice and apparently helpful, will ultimately almost always put their own employer's interests over yours.  It's their job, it's their family, it's their life. 

An experienced workers compensation attorney can help you make sure your interests are looked after.  This does not always mean litigating until the ends of the earth or taking a hostile approach, but it does mean helping you understand the rules of the system and the moves the other side is making.  It does mean making sure you know all of your options, which are not always presented by even the most helpful insurance adjuster.  An experienced workers compensation attorney can help you identify your goals in your case and take steps to reach your goals in the best way possible, whatever they may be.

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